Pet Cat Tree Toys Cat Scratch Post Pet Furniture Scratching Post


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1. Solid and Durable: Solid wood base is stable and stable, our cat toys ball track cannot be easily turned over by pets, not causing too much noise during sleeping time, resistant to biting and wear and tear, solid and durable.
2. Pamper your cat: Our interactive wooden cat toys are a great toy, make fun to your lonely cats staying at home during working time.
3. Take care of cat health: Cat Tower Roller Toys would be a good helper for increasing the amount of exercise, no longer always nestled on the sofa. Enhance fitness and release pressure to keep healthy.
4. Play with Cat Well: By Sliding ball to play with the cat toys ball together when you stay at home, makes your cat more lively and solidify that reliable and intimate relationship.
5. Create Warm Kitten Home: Place the interactive wooden cat toys next to the cat house. Fresh wood color is full of nature’s warmth with exquisite polish. Let your cat own warm and funny home.

Material: solid wood
Product category: bite toys
Weight: 1kg
Color: Mushroom Turntable
Applicable gift-giving relationships: couples, couples, colleagues, friends, children, classmates

Package Content
1x Cat Toy with Ball

Additional information

Weight 1120.00 kg
Dimensions 360 × 125 × 220 cm



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