Hand-carved Wooden Chopsticks And Portable Chopsticks


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There are many styles for you to choose, the style is more popular Chinese style.
Coated with natural green plant paint, the paint can reduce the damage caused by friction, prevent the growth of bacteria and corrosion, extend the service life, while maintaining the color and texture of the electrical appliances.
If you want to make the texture of wood products more beautiful, you can use salt water, dry clean, and then use cooking oil (olive oil is best).
Gently apply a layer of oil on the surface of the wood, and then hang for 12 hours to allow the wood to drink enough oil to make the wood products more durable and beautiful.
We recommend that you do not use boiling water or hotter water, because it can easily damage the wooden structure and greatly reduce the life of the shell.
When using wood for the first time, we generally recommend to soak it in salt water for about 3-4 hours, and then clean it normally!
After cleaning the surface of wood products, it feels a little rough for the first time. This is a normal phenomenon. As the frequency of use increases, the chopsticks will become smoother and smoother.

Product information:

Material: Wood
Style: Fashion and simplicity
Features: Engraving
Colour: Picture color

Size: 23cm

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Weight 30.00 kg
Dimensions 250 × 50 × 50 cm

Turtle, Crane




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