Children’s Building Blocks Dominoes Printing Children’s Educational Toys


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Material: wooden
Wood classification: pine
Type of wooden block: Domino
Number of building blocks (pieces): 50-100 tablets (tablets)
Color: New Chinese character Domino
3C configuration category: wooden toys under 14 years old

Packing size : 32.5*28.5*4cm

product description:


     A domino for learning knowledge, each domino has patterns, Chinese characters and English words, including animals, poultry, fruits, vegetables. While playing dominoes, the child unconsciously learns a lot of knowledge. It is a good toy and a good teaching aid.

The domino is polished smooth and burr-free, the surface is smeared with varnish, and it is durable.


Functional gameplay:


    Early learning to learn Domino literacy development language understanding ability, common sense of life. Let the baby take the appearance of the box as the standard, form a different shape by coordinating the placement, arrangement, combination and external force of the building block. Push down a piece of wood at will, and all the wooden blocks will fall down. You can also let the baby arbitrarily take Fight and give full play.新汉字多米诺翻拍细节_09undefined

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Weight 924.0 kg

New Chinese Character Domino


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