Agarwood Barrel Bead Bracelet


Agarwood Barrel Bead Bracelet

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This Agarwood Barrel Bead Bracelet is a unique piece of jewelry, handcrafted from the finest quality wood to ensure longevity and durability. The bracelet features an elegant design of barrel-shaped beads, which are strung together on a sturdy elastic cord that can easily fit any wrist size. The bracelet’s black oil old material finish gives it a sophisticated and classy look, making it perfect for both men and women.

This bracelet is not only a fashionable accessory but also has some amazing benefits. The Agarwood used to make the bracelet has a sweet and woody aroma, which is known to have therapeutic properties. Wearing this bracelet can help to relieve stress, anxiety and promote relaxation. The Agarwood is also believed to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to improve skin health.

The Agarwood Barrel Bead Bracelet is a perfect gift for your loved ones. It comes with a beautiful wooden box that can be used for storage or gifting. The bracelet’s unique design and its therapeutic properties make it a must-have accessory for fashion-conscious people who wish to improve their well-being.

In conclusion, the Agarwood Barrel Bead Bracelet is an exquisite piece of jewelry that not only enhances your style but also provides you with numerous health benefits. Get this elegant bracelet today and experience the magic of Agarwood.



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Weight 26.00 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

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