Why it is better to purchase a wooden toy instead of a plastic one?

Parents are always looking for toys to encourage their children’s imagination and creativity. Specifically, they would like to purchase toys which that inspire imaginative play and spend hours playing daily. Both online and offline stores are stocking a wide variety of toys made from various materials with wooden and plastic being the most widely used materials for the toys. However, increasingly educated people are opting to purchase wooden toys for their children and gifting to others, so some of the reasons why wooden toys are better than plastic toys are discussed in detail below.


One of the main reasons why wooden toys are preferred is because they are sustainable since they are manufactured from wood which is a renewable resource. Though the type of wood being used to make a particular toy may vary, all the toys are made from trees, and new trees can be easily grown to replace the trees cut down to make the toys. In contrast the plastic toys are made from fossil fuel resins, and there is a limited supply of these fossil fuels. Hence it will be more difficult to produce the plastic toys in future, because of the limited supply of polymer resins required to make them.


Another reason why people are opting to purchase wooden toys is because they are eco-friendly, the wood used for making the toys is biodegradable and will not cause any environmental damage even if the toys are discarded. Most of the wooden toy manufacturers are also using paints, polishes and other raw material which is also eco-friendly and does not pollute the environment. In contrast, the plastic toys are not eco-friendly, if they are discarded they will often take centuries to decompose into the elements, causing environmental pollution. Also the plastic discarded during manufacturing the plastic toys also causes pollution


Usually, the wooden toys are sturdy and do not contain any small parts, which the child may accidentally swallow, especially if the child is less than five years old. To ensure that the wooden toys are kid safe, the toy manufacturer will ensure that the toy does not have any sharp edges which can cause cuts, the toy is rounded. In contrast the plastic toys often contain small components which are assembled together and these components may fall apart if they are thrown or if more pressure is applied. Small children may swallow or chew these plastic toys causing health problems. Plastic toys may also contain BPA a harmful chemical that can adversely affect the growth of the child.


One of the main advantages of purchasing wooden toys is that they are far more durable compared to plastic toys which are lighter in weight. The wooden toy usually has only one or a few wooden pieces and will be handmade while the plastic toy is manufactured in a factory. The plastic toy will often fall apart if it falls from a height or is thrown a long distance, so the parent will have to purchase new toys repeatedly. In contrast, wooden toys can be used for many years, since they will not disintegrate easily.

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